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“Lisa Sharrard was referred to NAR as an independent, expert consultant who had successfully advocated for our members and their clients with the WYOs. She had been the NFIP coordinator for South Carolina from 1994-2010, so she understood the insurance side of NFIP as well as its flood mapping, community compliance, and mitigation programs. She knew the questions to ask about the rate quotes and where to go in FEMA for the answers. Drawing on her years of insurance underwriting experience -- both as a licensed property/casualty producer and senior professional trainer for the NFIP Direct Program, Ms. Sharrard was able to quickly pinpoint the problems and distill the information so our members could follow the rating calculations step-by-step and see the patterns where the process was breaking down. Ms. Sharrard became NAR’s “Go-To” advisor for the most complicated ratings. She provided a series of trainings from the documentation one needs to challenge a flood insurance mis-rating to how to reform the CRS Program. She provided the inaccurate-rate-quote examples which formed the basis of NAR’s testimony before Congress in support of the Affordability Act. We envisioned someone with her skill sets as the Advocate when we worked with Congress to develop the provisions which created the Office and ultimately were signed into law.”

- Chris Polychron

2015 President - National Association of REALTORS ®

“If you need or want flood insurance, Lisa is the one to go to. She knows her stuff and can give you the best possible rate.”

- Tina J.

“Lisa was very helpful and made the process super easy! Great communication and best of all over 50% lower than any other quote I received. Highly recommended!”

- Justin M.

“Lisa is one of the foremost experts in the country on Flood insurance. She was the president of one of the largest trade organizations in Flood protection and policy (ASFPM). She is a sought after speaker on those topics.”

- Andre M.

“Worked with Lisa many years. One of the most knowledgeable folks I had the pleasure to work with on all issues National Flood Insurance Program. Always in good hands with Lisa. If it's broke, she can fix it. If it's not broke, she'll tell you and explain why.”

- Bob D.

“Lisa did a fantastic job for us. When we bought our lake house, she saved us almost 50% from the previous owners policy. We then, with her instructions, added additional flood vents and got another significant reduction. Highly recommend.”

- Alan V.

“Lisa literally saved us thousands of dollars by getting our insurance premium reduced by more than 85%! Her experience in the flood insurance industry is invaluable. On top of that, she acted very promptly and got us squared away in less than a week’s time. Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for flood insurance. Thanks Lisa!”

- Thomas G.

“Lisa became my flood insurance agent a few years ago when I realized FEMA was going to charge me an absurd amount for my annual premium. Lisa went to bat for me and got me the most affordable coverage that the industry offered. This year she even found a relatively unknown option that allowed me to drastically reduce my annual premium. If it weren’t for her I likely would’ve had to sell my home and seek a more affordable living arrangement. Can’t say enough about her. I highly recommend.”

- PJ O.

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