Who We Are

Who We Are

Find out what makes us one of the most knowledgable flood insurance agencies in the country. FInd out why we are the right choice.
Choice Flood Insurance LLC’s story began in 2012, just as Congress reformed the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). After 3 years of helping my client’s receive thousands of dollars in refunds from over charges, as a premiere flood insurance consultant (Carolina Flood Solutions LLC) , our client’s asked us to form an agency to manage their flood policies. We have stayed true to our vision of working with our clients to ensure that their structures are insured properly and at the lowest possible rate. Choice Flood Solutions LLC believes that by keeping premiums low, it keeps your money in your pocket and in the local economy.

Our Team

Our experienced licensed agents here to help you

Lisa Sharrard- CFM, CPM, ANFI


As owner of her own business since 2011, Lisa works with client(s) to assist them with understanding, interpreting and applying the complexities of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to achieve desired outcomes within the framework of the NFIP regulatory and insurance programs. Lisa’s expertise in all aspects of the NFIP enables her to be an effective negotiator between her client(s), local communities, technical, and insurance professionals. Lisa‘s institutional knowledge and expertise of both the NFIP insurance and regulatory programs allows her to quickly identify NFIP application or rating errors saving her clients, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Lisa then works with her clients and their agents to optimize annual premium savings and the return on their investment.

Our Mission

Our mission and goals

Our Mission

“WE BELIEVE in the quality of life, in fresh air, sandy feet, a good breeze, a good catch, rocking on the front porch, rolling with the currents or tide, a waterfront view and the company of good friends. . Choice Flood Insurance is a flood insurance agency where flood insurance services meet your waterfront property and life of the water rules! If you agree, CHOICE FLOOD INSURANCE LLC has a value added, flood policy to fit the life you imagine” Vision Statement, Choice Flood Insurance LLC


-Provide the most accurate and lowest premium policy available for our clients
-Use our knowledge to educate and inform our clients on all their options and rating situations
-Be a resource for our clients to lean on for all their flood insurance questions and needs
-Ensure you the best flood insurance policy for your situation
Thanks for your assistance. As a client dealing with flood plain issues in Richland County, SC, I really appreciate the prompt response and technical expertise. It is not easy to work with Richland County.

Larry Triplett, Homeowner